The bedroom is not only a functional space but it serves also as an intimate temple connecting each person to their soul through their dreams.
Sleep is a deep, wild and cosmic experience and beddings are an inseparable part of this experience.
Basic bedding line is made of knitted 100% organic combed cotton and are decorated with eco-friendly water based original prints, Created by our Basic studio.
The beddings are created with pure love and meticulous emphasis on each and every detail.
We suggest you chose your duvet cover namely, the color and the print and following that chose your pillow covers and bed sheet. Our pallet works well on mix and Mach basis.

  • Charcoal king cloud blanket ‘3 Shells’

  • Charcoal king cloud blanket ‘New Beginnings’

  • Silver king cloud blanket ‘Dream’

  • Silver king cloud blanket ‘New Beginnings’

  • Snowy dark grey king cloud blanket ‘Be Free’

  • Snowy light grey king cloud blanket ‘Fether’

  • White king cloud blanket ‘Dream’

  • White king cloud blanket ‘New Beginnings’